Sunday, December 11, 2011

Name change coming to SBC?

I recently read this article and it set my mind to thinking again about the possibility of changing our national name as Baptists. I understand the feeling of some. We're stuck in the mud and hate change. We like things to be the same. Ah, but where are the Sunbeams? Who still even knows the song? Where is the BYPU? Names change. The gospel stays the same. If changing the name, "Southern Baptist" to something else will mean that we'll reach more people for the kingdom of God, then make it so. If it won't, then let's keep it. At this point in my life I've realized that nothing is more important than helping others to know who Jesus is. Nothing should stand in our way of sharing the gospel. If we have self-made barriers that stop people from wanting to know Jesus then we should break them down. What think ye?

1 comment:

  1. Me thinks this idea is fruitless. Its not so much the "Southern" that limits our appeal. For many its the "Baptist", for others its the word "church" "Jesus" "Christian", etc. Where will this end? I flew on a Continental flight to the non-continental United States (Hawaii). It didn't make me think the plane wouldn't make it. I'm against a name change.