Friday, May 20, 2011

Tyndale books

From time to time you'll see a book reviewed here. I am part of a review program with Tyndale Publisher's. The first book I'll review is a recent one by Randy Alcorn. Keep looking here for the review.

Choir loft gets facelift and cameras on their way

We are in the middle of a redo of our choir loft. It's going to be great. We have some very talented folks working on it. We're also getting new chairs for the choir. If you'd like to purchase one, please let us know. They are $72 each.

The cameras will probably be put in next week. We are enjoying the screens. Pray we use them to glorify God. We don't want them to be a hindrance, but a help. So far, we've shown a Mother's Day slide show and have had the words to hymns and other songs visible on them. I also use them for my sermons.

VBS is coming soon. June 6–10. I hope we'll have a great week. The week immediately following I'll be in Glorieta with our youth. Looking forward to that adventure!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Screens in, cameras next

The screens are in. Obviously there will be some adjustments yet to be made, but we're going to test drive them Sunday with a special Mother's Day presentation. Pray it all goes well!

The next update will be cameras for recording and flat screens in the nursery, youth room, children's room and in a Bible Study room with dvd players for each. May it all be used to glorify God and better share His word!