Friday, January 28, 2011

Church logo

Well, I finally got the logo together. I think it turned out well. We have license plates with something similar on them. Kinda neat. Let me know what you think.

Racism is still living in America

Wow. Yes, it's still around. Ah, but I met a few heros for integration recently. Both were in the school system and were threatened by the KKK if they allowed integration to occur. They stood strong and risked their lives and went ahead and allowed it to occur. I'm proud of them.

Yes, it's amazing that racism is still alive after all these years. It is taught and caught. Let it stop with you.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 and learn

I feel almost as shocked as some others tonight when we voted on going ahead with the A/V update at our church without giving everyone a heads up on just what we were getting. I did not realize that whatever is voted on at the Deacon's Meeting goes straight to the church for a vote without any delay unless so requested. I will know better next time. Meanwhile screens are coming, but not until we can openly discuss what we're getting at a family meeting. Pray for us as we seek to learn each other as pastor and congregation. This is an awesome church! I am so pleased to be associated with it!

P.S. In reflection, I guess many could say, and rightly so, I should have known this about the vote being brought to the church after it was shared in the Deacon's Meeting. For some reason I just did not catch that was what was happening.