Sunday, July 7, 2013

Prayer matters

Prayer. Talking to God. How often do you do that? How often do you share with God your feelings? Does God hear from you on a regular basis? What kind of relationship do you have with God? Think about that. Would you like to have a closer relationship with God? If so, sign up to be a part of the prayer training event on July 28th. It will be well worth your time. John and Sue Ellen Williamson will be with us, leading us and teaching us. Come be a part. Sign up today.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Seen on the way to Monroe.
Do you have a friend? I think this life is more enjoyable and more meaningful with a friend. It seems being alone is not always fun. When was the last time you ate in a restaurant alone? I believe no one should eat alone. I mean, unless you just have to, eating alone is well, lonely. If you don't have a friend, get one. Find someone who shares your same interests. Find someone whom you can spend time visiting and reflecting on life with. Ok, this post is a bit lame, but sometimes that happens. LOL