Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's amazing what happens when Christians choose to love.

I read this story and was so pleased. THIS is what we, as Christians are to be like. THIS is what it means to look past what we see with our eyes and see a person's heart in need of the love of Christ. THIS is it. Read this story. I think it will amaze you. God is a big God and we can share His love if we'll simply look past what we see with our eyes and look at the need of a person's heart. There are many broken hearts in need of His love. Some even live in Franklin Parish.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Rev. Charles Finney
So, I ran across this quote by Charles Finney, "A revival is nothing else than a new beginning of obedience to God." How true that is. Revival is when we refocus and begin obeying God as we used to. It's an awakening of the sleeping spirit to one which is alive, aware and ready to serve. Be praying for revival services at FBC, Winnsboro. Pray we'll be awakened to God's power and God's voice.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Miracle of Jen

Wow. What a book! This book, a complimentary copy which I obtained from Tyndale publishing for review, was great. It tells the moving story of Jennifer Barrick and her recover after a horrible automobile accident. The book focuses on Jen and her recovery, but you do get a grasp at how the entire family dealt with her recovery. I was concerned we would not get a true picture of how everything went after the accident. In some Christian books, there is a lot of fluff and no real evidence of struggle with the reality of the pain and suffering. I was relieved to find that Linda shares all in this book. She is up front with her readers and does not hide any of the difficulties of recovery. Recovering from a horrible accident is not a walk in the park and Linda does not paint it as such. For that I am glad. I have read too many books and seen too many Christian movies where the reality of pain and suffering are not dealt with in a realistic way. Overall, this book will bring you into the hospital room and put you right alongside Jen as she recovers. Great writing and a wonderful true story of triumph and personal growth for the mother, Linda, and for the reader. For more information you can go here 

By the way, exciting news! I have a certificate to get a copy of this book for free if you can name my favorite Star Wars character. The first one to answer correctly gets the certificate. You take the certificate and redeem it at your nearest Christian bookstore.