Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New day at FBC

It's a new day at First Winn. I am still excited about being here. Wait, I'm thrilled.

The boys are starting school next week. So is Susanne. She'll be teaching 4th grade. Wow. God has been good to take care of us so well.

I got a new iPhone. It's fast and very usable.

We've been busy setting up the house and making the parsonage our home. The lawn is mowed by one of our deacons. THAT is cool. He does a great job.

Tomorrow I go to my first Associational event at Lamar Baptist Church. Looking forward to meeting the ministers in our association. That will be good.

Oh, we got Dish Network. It has BBC America!!! OH, and the Hallmark channel. We also got a DVR. Now we won't miss a show. (Like we watch a lot. Whatever!) It's cool to have though.

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  1. Glad to hear that all is going well! We have someone who mows our yard as well as the churches and it is AWESOME! One last thing to mark off the honey do list. Tell Susanne I'll be praying for her and the boys as they start school.