Sunday, August 29, 2010

Great day in the morning!

What a great day we had today. It was a great time of worship. Started the service off with a baptism and then our Minister of Music and a choir member sang, "Brethren We Have Met to Worship." It was the best way to begin a service. Wish we could start off every Sunday with a baptism!!! God is good.

Sounds like God is moving at Calvary as well. They have a few baptisms to do and they don't even have a pastor. Praise God He still moves!!!

Got the boys haircuts this past week. That went well. Took them to Donnie's Barber Shop.

Susanne has been working hard on her school stuff, Worship Team rehearsal and more school stuff. It's a bit overwhelming. The boys like school. For that I am truly thankful. Do we miss Natchitoches? Of course. Are we adjusting to life in Winnsboro? We are. It's where God has us and we'll be here until, or if, He moves us. Pray for Calvary Baptist as they seek a new pastor.

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