Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good first day!

It was a good, no, great day at FBC, Winnsboro, today. I love where God has planted me. Yes, it will be a lot of work, but it will be SO worth it. I'm excited about the church folks. They are great. It's a new day for all of us. Pray for Jewel Bruce. She fell and broke her hip. She had surgery today. It went well.

Pray for me as I tackle the mountain of books in my office and find a place for them all. It will take a bit of time.

I go tomorrow to the Mayor's prayer brunch. That will be interesting. I'll be interested in knowing the other ministers in town.

Was I nervous? Actually, only a bit. I know this is where God wants me. FBC, knows I am supposed to be here. This is what God wants. With that in mind, I feel great!

I get to meet the other ministers in our association this Thursday at Lamar Baptist Church.

Hope your week is great. Pray for us as we continue to adjust.

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