Monday, January 16, 2012

When winning just doesn't happen.

Well, I watched the Saints lose. I watched and could not believe what I was seeing. We tried, but we had a team that seemed to want the win a bit more than we did.

I then watched the Miss America Pageant. Wow. So subjective. Hope Anderson should have won. It was an odd pageant. She is a winner in all of our hearts. We are so proud to have her as our Miss Louisiana. I think God has big plans for her.

Sometimes winning doesn't happen. Sometimes it's not time. When winning doesn't happen, what do you do? I am disappointed. I am down. I try to convince myself that it wasn't meant to be. I sometimes believe myself. I really should. I don't know who needs what when. I don't know "all." Ah, but I do know the one who does. I am still learning to trust Him in all things. He has His timing and we have ours. Ours is not right, His always is.

In spite of the lack of wins recently for our state there are a great number of churches who are praying through the 21 days. Ours is one of them. It's an awesome experience and one I hope will change our lives for the better. Spending time with God is never a losing proposition. We are winners each second we spend with Him.

As we continue to pray, let God speak to you. Take time to listen to Him. If there is any time we need to be closer to God and have direction in our lives it's now. If there is anytime we need to rise up and live out our faith before mankind, it's now. Our nation needs a spot of Hope. Our state needs a spot of Hope. Let's share the Hope of Christ with those who need it.

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