Wednesday, January 11, 2012

15 years, two boys and two dogs later…

Fifteen years ago I stood in the auditorium and repeated vows that I have a hard time remembering to a girl I truly loved and still love. It was a cold day. Hot Springs in Arkansas froze over. A ficus tree died at Southwayside Baptist Church. Craig Anderson and Lisa Watson sang. Dr. Bob Beck and my own father performed the wedding. Close friends were present. Family was present. Cake was eaten and appreciated. Cathy Drewry and many others helped in many ways. Terry White even videoed the wedding. A gift we treasure to this day. A Rolls Royce took us to the Seminary for the reception. I was dumber than I am now. Susanne couldn't get any smarter.

We now have two boys and two dogs. Two boys are great. Two dogs…well. We've served God at three churches including the one we serve now. It's been a great journey learning about how each other thinks and feels about issues and life in general. I am thankful for Susanne. She is smart, speaks French, Spanish and English and cooks oh so well. She is a great mother and wife. She laughs and likes to have fun.

I have discovered that a relationship involves a great deal of forgiveness and realizing that some things just aren't as important as we think they are. The key to a happy marriage? Well…like my father says, "forgive, forgive forgive." After a while you overlook stuff that doesn't matter. Our marriage isn't perfect, none exist that are perfect. Enjoying just being around each other sure helps.

Not sure what my point is here. I just felt like sharing a bit.


  1. Good man, you are! You two are just the best and the Anders Herd loves you both!! Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Craig, The hard part was done by you. Finding a Lady like Susanne wasn't luck as we know. It was God. I am so glad you brought Susanne into our family. I am thankful that you are happy and content.

    Susanne, Thank you for accepting Craig's proposal. I have enjoyed your company over the years and look forward to many more...even when we stop counting years.

    Take Care both of you.
    Lee Beeman,
    Cuzin in Pineville.