Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Praying for 21 days…

Wow. That seems like a tall order. Actually, it's not. When it comes to drawing closer to God one should never become satisfied where one stands with Him. Just when a person feels he's doing ok, he realizes he is not as much like Jesus as he'd like to be. The process of becoming more like Christ takes time. In fact, it's going to take an entire lifetime.

The question I have is, "How much more like Christ am I today than I was yesterday?" That is a great question to ask oneself every day. Don't spend time asking if so and so is more like Christ. Take an inward look at yourself and ask yourself the question.

Spiritual awakening is not going occur in my life or anyone else's life automatically. It will occur when our heart is a receptive position. Is you heart in the "receptive position?"

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