Wednesday, December 29, 2010

At the brink...

As we stand on this side of the end of this year my prayer is that this year will stay where it is–in this year. If God chooses to give us 2011, I hope you'll leave 2010 behind. Any sadness and any disappointments need to be left behind. Yes, even the joy. You can't live on the joys of yesterday or yesteryear. Joy must be something we obtain from the Lord on a daily basis, not something we try to live on from another day in our past. Sure we can enjoy those memories, but we need joy for today. Get it from the Lord. He is there for us. He is there to give us strength for today, hope for today and joy for today. Let's grasp those as He hands them out to us on a daily basis.

I hope your journey to the new year finds you with an empty backpack ready to collect all the Lord has for you in 2011. May He bless you and strengthen you and remind you of His presence daily.

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