Monday, July 26, 2010

VBS, Andrew

Had 44 buckaroos at the ranch tonight. It went well. I love VBS. At least the blow up animal is a horse this year. He actually looks good.

Boxed some books today. Will do more tomorrow. It's a lot of books!!! Pray for Andrew. He's having a tough time with all of the moving stuff. He seems depressed. Won't eat, weepy, not interested in doing anything.

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  1. I think the moving is toughest on the kids....although it was pretty hard for me too. The kids don't have any input on whether God is calling you to move or not and they just have to go! Not fair, right? Our kids were young enough that they transitioned fairly well and made friends quickly...I'll pray the same for Andrew and Joshua. Praying for you and Susanne too.