Monday, June 1, 2015

Youth Matter

I was so excited that Sunday as the youth helped us to worship the Lord. There is nothing better than having people help us to worship God. To be able to join together as a church family, and worship God, is probably one of the most exciting opportunities that we have as a Christian family. Many of the youth helped to paint the signs and have them ready for worship. They were preparing to worship. What do you do to help prepare your self to worship God on a given Sunday? When you gather to worship God there must be some forethought given to what you were going to do when you get there. You are not going to worship to be entertained, you are going to acknowledge God's presence and His power.

Many people approach worship as if it is a big show that they come and watch. Ah, but worship involves participants. And you and I are those participants. The one who is "on stage" is God. We are gathering to worship and praise God. Be thinking about what you can do to help others worship God. Be thinking before you walk through the doors into a time of worship.

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