Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The refrigerator door

What is the one of the most special rooms in your home? I dare say it is the kitchen. In the ktichen of your home conversations take place, food is prepared and the refrigerator door is opened and shut more times than many can imagine if one has a teen in the home. What I want us to think about today is that refridgerator door. What is usually on that door? I think if I were to enter your home and look at the door of your fridge, I would probably find at least one picture of a person you love on that door. That is what we do. We put pictures of those who mean  the most to us on our refrigerator door. Why? So we can see them often and be reminded of how we love them. We are proud of them. We want to show them off to others.

Imagine with me that God has a huge refrigerator door in Heaven.  Guess what? He has your picture on His door. He loves you. Imagine someone passing by that door in Heaven. Imagine God grabbing them and saying, "See that child? That is my child. I'm so proud of them." Yes, your picture is on His door. You matter to Him. He loves you. Will you let Him love you? Will you allow Him to lead your life? 

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