Saturday, February 16, 2013

He is still here…

One of the most interesting phenomenons I've noticed is when the immediate successor of a church continues to live near or even on the grounds of the church he has previously served.

It has been shared that the Pope, when he retires from being Pope, will live in a restored convent on the grounds of the Vatican in Rome. What will that be like? Would they visit each other? Would they go "out on the town" together? Would they make appearances every now and then as a sign of good will? Will the Vatican forbid too close of a relationship? He has stated he wants a life of silence, but does that mean he won't communicate with others? Not sure. 

I would love it if I were Pope and the previous Pope lived near. I'd ring him every other day to get advice. Ah, but what if the next Pope has a "I can do this better than that guy" type of attitude? If this is true, then he won't communicate much at all with Joseph Ratzinger. I don't think there is anything regarding what type a relationship the Pope is to have with a former Pope, but I'd like to think that they'd have breakfasts on Saturday mornings. Wouldn't that be neat? I mean, why not? It is known, though not widely, that I enjoy the friendship of one of the former pastors of FBC, Winnsboro. I find it helpful to maintain a relationship with him. He has been here and knows the people better than I do. This being the case with Joseph Ratzinger, I would hope the next Pope would seek out that relationship and seek to glean wisdom from him when it comes to his papal duties.

What about you? Is there someone you can learn from in your life who has lived where you live, work where you've worked or simply has been around longer than you have? Find a mentor. Find someone who can, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, guide you in your life.

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