Monday, October 11, 2010

Worship with Clyde

Well, we had a great time of worship with Clyde Copeland Sunday. We even used powerpoint to do words and the sermon outline. That was great. I heard a lot of positive responses and am excited at the possibilities. Pray continually as God is moving here at FBC.

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  1. You know I enjoyed it! I love the medley of hymns done to the tempo I grew up with! The new stuff I didnt know so mucg but could see that most everyone my age and younger was singing along, that almost never happens!
    Only complaint was the same one I always have, it was a touch on the loud side. I think we need to turn down the mics some and the organ. Sometimes all you can hear is the organ and nothing else. It is so loud it echos and it is just too much, same with some of the mics. Nothing against the organ music or people that sing, its just that things get lost if one part over powers everything else.
    Great service anyway!!!!